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    sarah and her cute kiddos
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    sarah and her sweet family
    My good friend Sarah recently launched her new company b & me. I'm so excited for her! I met Sarah years ago at Luca's preschool. I remember thinking what a cool, laid back, calm mother she was and she had the most amazing style. Her newborn baby, Booker, inspired her new business. Sarah said, “When Booker was a baby, I loved keeping him in his pajamas while walking Tilly & Tatum to school. I would put him in his baby carrier, with Bobby’s jacket over us, and off we went. Our shared body heat kept us so warm and bundled. Wearing one jacket together made leaving our apartment effortless. That’s what sparked B&Me”
    Check out the b & me Facebook page if you get a chance. I love looking through all the photos of happy customers wearing the Booker coat in their own stylish way.
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