tiny living

I was browsing through Lonny yesterday and I stumbled upon interior designer, Mischa Lampert's, amazingly beautiful 300 sq. ft. SoHo apartment. Immediately I felt a kindred spirit. For the love of Manhattan, she turned a tiny space into such a lovely home. I've always been passionate about making our little apartment work for us, specially since Julian and Luca were born. I've tried to design it so that my little boys don't even think about the smallness; only that it's a nice, warm, relaxing environment to come home to. Since I'm not originally from NYC, I didn't grow up in such a tiny space, but I'm truly just as happy. I think the approach to making a small space feel good is to keep it clutter free, keep the walls light, buy only what you love - even aesthetically pleasing toys and to store things well. View the complete home tour of Mischa Lampert's tiny SoHo apartment here.

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