creative spaces for kids

I love these creative spaces for kids. No matter what type of room, I always try to carve out a little section for my boys. In the kitchen there's a tiny chalkboard wall, on the front door there's a magnetized abc game, in the living room a wooden alphabet hangs on a gallery wall and a felt basket is full of wooden train tracks. When Luca was a toddler, every summer we would stay in the same Victorian home in San Francisco while the family traveled to Germany for the summer. It was the most adorable home and what left the biggest impression on me was the little creative spaces carved out in each room for their son. In the kitchen, there was a window seal with a little car, some stones and other things displayed for him. On the kitchen table - a jar of paint brushes and paper and in his room hung a swing. They've since moved so we no longer stay there anymore but their thoughtfulness in decorating for their whole family left a lasting impression on me.

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