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creative spaces for kids

I love these creative spaces for kids. No matter what type of room, I always try to carve out a little section for my boys. In the kitchen there's a tiny chalkboard wall, on the front door there's a magnetized abc game, in the living room a wooden alphabet hangs on a gallery wall and a felt basket is full of wooden train tracks. When Luca was a toddler, every summer we would stay in the same Victorian home in San Francisco while the family traveled to Germany for the summer. It was the most adorable home and what left the biggest impression on me was the little creative spaces carved out in each room for their son. In the kitchen, there was a window seal with a little car, some stones and other things displayed for him. On the kitchen table - a jar of paint brushes and paper and in his room hung a swing. They've since moved so we no longer stay there anymore but their thoughtfulness in decorating for their whole family left a lasting impression on me.

handmade dolls for all

family portrait
king, queen and jester
art doll
mixed family
young family
family portrait
gay family
I was browsing Etsy yesterday and stumbled across TIMO-HANDMADE - the work of fine artist, Timor Cohen, from Isreal. Wow! I can't believe the detail, artistry and creativity put into making these dolls. Each doll is made from recycled fabrics so they're eco-friendly and the artist states she's "sensitive to different cultural phenomena. For this reason, the characters in my Family Dolls line come in all skin tones, ages and genders, so that people can assemble any family they please".

tiny living

I was browsing through Lonny yesterday and I stumbled upon interior designer, Mischa Lampert's, amazingly beautiful 300 sq. ft. SoHo apartment. Immediately I felt a kindred spirit. For the love of Manhattan, she turned a tiny space into such a lovely home. I've always been passionate about making our little apartment work for us, specially since Julian and Luca were born. I've tried to design it so that my little boys don't even think about the smallness; only that it's a nice, warm, relaxing environment to come home to. Since I'm not originally from NYC, I didn't grow up in such a tiny space, but I'm truly just as happy. I think the approach to making a small space feel good is to keep it clutter free, keep the walls light, buy only what you love - even aesthetically pleasing toys and to store things well. View the complete home tour of Mischa Lampert's tiny SoHo apartment here.

super tiny bedrooms

Craig and I are converting our larger bedroom into Luca and Julian's room. We want them to have a big spacious room of their own. We are moving into their super small bedroom. It was our former walk in closet! I found these cozy tiny bedroom images online. It will be super tight but I plan to make it as cute as possible. Oh the lengths we'll go to live in the big city...

b & me

sarah and her cute kiddos
b & me facebook
sarah and her sweet family
My good friend Sarah recently launched her new company b & me. I'm so excited for her! I met Sarah years ago at Luca's preschool. I remember thinking what a cool, laid back, calm mother she was and she had the most amazing style. Her newborn baby, Booker, inspired her new business. Sarah said, “When Booker was a baby, I loved keeping him in his pajamas while walking Tilly & Tatum to school. I would put him in his baby carrier, with Bobby’s jacket over us, and off we went. Our shared body heat kept us so warm and bundled. Wearing one jacket together made leaving our apartment effortless. That’s what sparked B&Me”
Check out the b & me Facebook page if you get a chance. I love looking through all the photos of happy customers wearing the Booker coat in their own stylish way.