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busy bee

OMG! I'm so busy but YAY! So thankful. I hope everyone has a fun, festive weekend planned. I'll be sitting here, listening to music, shipping orders and making holiday market jewelry. Have a wonderful weekend! 

super cute

I'm really busy making jewelry so I thought I'd post something quick and super cute. I can't wait until it snows here in New York so we can make an upside down snowman and this cute snowman snack. The boys will love it. 

twinkling lights

I'm totally in love with twinkle lights and specially throughout the winter months. Everyone makes fun of me because it's March and it still looks like the holidays inside my home. Hey, it makes me happy. I'm thinking of upgrading to a more grown up version this winter - the brass string lights from onefortythree.

union square holiday market

I'm so excited the Union Square Holiday Market opens tomorrow! I haven't been able to write much. Craig and I have been building our booth all week. We are the most unhandy people on this planet but this year Craig and I did it all with zero help. We are so proud of ourselves! We also have several new collections we're excited about. Please come see us :)
Union Square Holiday Market  Booth A38 (across from Lululemon)
November 20th - December 24th, Weekdays 11-8, Saturday 10-8, Sunday 11-7, Closed Thanksgiving.

last days of fall

I had an awesome walk in Central Park this morning. Fall is coming to an end and the park is still gorgeous. Union Square Holiday Market begins next Thursday so this was sort of the calm before the storm. Chaos begins for me next week and I'll be making over 2000 pieces of jewelry until the end of the holidays. It's crazy stressful but I love it and I'm thankful to be a part of it. Please come see me at the market.
Union Square Holiday Market, November 20th - December 24th. Weekdays 11-8 • Saturday 10-8 • Sunday 11-7.