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  • union square holiday market

    lolabean union square holiday market
    We have opened shop at the 2015 Union Square Holiday Market. Please come see us!
    Booth A43 (two booths in from Farmer's Market - northwest corner - across from HSBC)
    Open daily from Nov. 19th - Dec. 24th
    Weekday hours are 11am-8pm, Saturdays from 10am-8pm, Sundays from 11am-7pm 
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  • dance + art

    dustin yellin via the new york times
    I went to Lincoln Center to see Paul Taylor's American Modern Dance. I loved it. The performance was so inspiring and accompanied by a full orchestra. I wish I could dance like that! While leaving, I noticed an art installation by Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin. It blew me away - this tall glass structure forming a body out of tiny clippings of collage and when you moved to the side of the glass structure the image would completely disappear. I researched and found that Dustin Yellin is responsible for the nonprofit Pioneer Works in Red Hook that is both a residency for working artists and a public art space. I can't wait to go. This is what I love about living in New York City. You can be walking down the street and happen upon something amazing that excites and inspires you. Check out Artsy's Dustin Yellin page for up-to-date Yellin exhibition listings.
    Paul Taylor Dance Company at Lincoln Center, March 10 – 29, 2015 David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center
    Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Brooklyn, Open to the public Wed. - Sun., from 12pm – 6pm
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  • winter recipes

    shitake bok choy soba bowl via a house in the hills
    broccoli strascinati via saveur
    brussels sprout fried rice via connoisseurus veg
    italian kale sprouts via raleys
    salt and vinegar roasted potatoes via the wholesome dish
    southern chess pie via she wears many hats
    Oh my gosh, it's 3˚ here in NYC! Luca is on winter break so we've been going on little adventures throughout the city. Today we had plans to go downtown to Chinatown for dim sum but it's way too cold so we're staying in. I found these savory winter recipes online that would be great on a cold day like today and I've been craving Southern Chess pie like my Grandmother used to make.
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  • our home tour: the nest

    all photos by Alexis Johnson for the nest
    I was so excited when Alexis Johnson, Style Director of The Nest reached out to me about featuring our New York City apartment in a home tour. It was such a great experience and she was just the sweetest! See the complete home tour here on The Nest. 
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  • a jewerly studio

    One of the main reasons for wanting a little country house is to also have a tiny studio in the backyard so I can do more metalsmith work. I've had a fine jewelry line in my head and sketched for almost 10 years now. It's time! It's almost impossible to do metalsmith work in a small apartment for safety/ventilation reasons and studio rentals in New York City are astronomical. I'm able to do a little sawing, hammering and drilling but not much else. I found some really beautiful studios online and a few modern prefab sheds that would be perfect. The last one is a DIY. It would be so cool to build my own.
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  • tiny living

    I was browsing through Lonny yesterday and I stumbled upon interior designer, Mischa Lampert's, amazingly beautiful 300 sq. ft. SoHo apartment. Immediately I felt a kindred spirit. For the love of Manhattan, she turned a tiny space into such a lovely home. I've always been passionate about making our little apartment work for us, specially since Julian and Luca were born. I've tried to design it so that my little boys don't even think about the smallness; only that it's a nice, warm, relaxing environment to come home to. Since I'm not originally from NYC, I didn't grow up in such a tiny space, but I'm truly just as happy. I think the approach to making a small space feel good is to keep it clutter free, keep the walls light, buy only what you love - even aesthetically pleasing toys and to store things well. View the complete home tour of Mischa Lampert's tiny SoHo apartment here.
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  • super tiny bedrooms

    Craig and I are converting our larger bedroom into Luca and Julian's room. We want them to have a big spacious room of their own. We are moving into their super small bedroom. It was our former walk in closet! I found these cozy tiny bedroom images online. It will be super tight but I plan to make it as cute as possible. Oh the lengths we'll go to live in the big city...
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  • b & me

    sarah and her cute kiddos
    b & me facebook
    sarah and her sweet family
    My good friend Sarah recently launched her new company b & me. I'm so excited for her! I met Sarah years ago at Luca's preschool. I remember thinking what a cool, laid back, calm mother she was and she had the most amazing style. Her newborn baby, Booker, inspired her new business. Sarah said, “When Booker was a baby, I loved keeping him in his pajamas while walking Tilly & Tatum to school. I would put him in his baby carrier, with Bobby’s jacket over us, and off we went. Our shared body heat kept us so warm and bundled. Wearing one jacket together made leaving our apartment effortless. That’s what sparked B&Me”
    Check out the b & me Facebook page if you get a chance. I love looking through all the photos of happy customers wearing the Booker coat in their own stylish way.
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  • snowy new york

    robert spencer, ap
    snow 2015
    I was hoping for a BIG blizzard like the first image (I work from home) but it just missed us here in the city. There was still a lot of snow and the kids were dismissed from school. The last image is a view from our apartment. We're really lucky. We live on one of the few brick streets in New York that cannot be driven down. It is a gathering place for the neighborhood. The street is on a big hill that's perfect for sledding. We're heading there now and it will be Julian's first sledding experience.
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  • dark exteriors


    bo bedre

    de zeen magazine 

    cottonwood interiors


    scandinavian retreat

    sf girl by bay

    design sponge

    arch daily

    nick deaver

    un petit morceau de moi

    We're on the hunt for a country house somewhere upstate New York - a place we can get away to but not too far from the city. Very daunting for me since I've lived in a small apartment my entire adult life. Craig was born on the upper east side and has lived in our apartment since he was 3 years old! I love these small, cozy homes with dark exteriors. I would love to have a flat roof but definitely not happening in the northeast.

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