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bohemian living

These bohemian style spaces look so warm, inviting and inspiring; a place you could get really creative in and write some music, make some jewelry, crochet, paint, sketch, etc. I think this style mixes well with modern too which I love.

wooden chairs

soren chair room and board
I've been writing this blog for about 4 months now. I have to say, I not only enjoy it but it's super helpful for me. I love a lot of things but I can never hardly ever nail down a decision when it comes to purchasing something for our home. I'm currently looking to buy a new side chair. I looked back at my blog and pinterest page for a little inspiration and noticed I had pinned or blogged about these chairs a kajillion times. Now which one...

living with music

We live with music in our home. Five guitars, a piano and some smaller instruments. I'm looking for better ways to arrange them so they're easier to grab and play. I found some inspiring images around the web showing how people live with their instruments.

gift wrapping

glitter guide


the inspired room


almost makes perfect

creature comforts

merchant studio

las cositas de beach & eau


Gosh, I am having the toughest time deciding on gift wrapping for the website. I have to buy in bulk so I need to really like it. I want the gift wrapping to be as special as the jewelry inside. There is just something about receiving a beautifully gift wrapped box. As you can see, I'm all over the place. The third image could be nice. Since I'm based in NY, I could use a snowy New York City scene for the holidays and change the vintage photo to fit each season. hmmm...


light instillations

There is something magical and other worldly about a light instillation. I saw a couple of really great ones this year at David Zwirner gallery. I took my 6 year old son, Luca, to see LC 71 NY DZ 13 DW by Doug Wheeler and he loved it. We felt like we were walking on the moon. Unfortunately I missed the Madison Square public art project Scattered Light by Jim Campbell. What an awesome gift to the public.