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stylish bathrooms

A little bathroom inspiration... the last image would be beautiful in a country house.

book storage

I would really love to have a big bookcase in our apartment. We don't have proper space though. I do have two narrow CB2 bookcases in our bedroom for the boy's books but nothing on a large scale. I love the idea of having a book storage beside the dining area. Maybe one day in a country house upstate...

a jewerly studio

One of the main reasons for wanting a little country house is to also have a tiny studio in the backyard so I can do more metalsmith work. I've had a fine jewelry line in my head and sketched for almost 10 years now. It's time! It's almost impossible to do metalsmith work in a small apartment for safety/ventilation reasons and studio rentals in New York City are astronomical. I'm able to do a little sawing, hammering and drilling but not much else. I found some really beautiful studios online and a few modern prefab sheds that would be perfect. The last one is a DIY. It would be so cool to build my own.

dark exteriors


bo bedre

de zeen magazine 

cottonwood interiors


scandinavian retreat

sf girl by bay

design sponge

arch daily

nick deaver

un petit morceau de moi

We're on the hunt for a country house somewhere upstate New York - a place we can get away to but not too far from the city. Very daunting for me since I've lived in a small apartment my entire adult life. Craig was born on the upper east side and has lived in our apartment since he was 3 years old! I love these small, cozy homes with dark exteriors. I would love to have a flat roof but definitely not happening in the northeast.

happy thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My parents are in town and we're having friends and family over for dinner. I found these beautiful images online. I would love to have an outdoor upstate New York Thanksgiving one day.