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a jewerly studio

One of the main reasons for wanting a little country house is to also have a tiny studio in the backyard so I can do more metalsmith work. I've had a fine jewelry line in my head and sketched for almost 10 years now. It's time! It's almost impossible to do metalsmith work in a small apartment for safety/ventilation reasons and studio rentals in New York City are astronomical. I'm able to do a little sawing, hammering and drilling but not much else. I found some really beautiful studios online and a few modern prefab sheds that would be perfect. The last one is a DIY. It would be so cool to build my own.

cool diy

Lately I've really been wanting to make something. I wish I had the time! These DIY projects are at the top of my list to make in the new year. I love the earring holder. It would look really cool in my Union Square holiday market booth.