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  • winter recipes

    shitake bok choy soba bowl via a house in the hills
    broccoli strascinati via saveur
    brussels sprout fried rice via connoisseurus veg
    italian kale sprouts via raleys
    salt and vinegar roasted potatoes via the wholesome dish
    southern chess pie via she wears many hats
    Oh my gosh, it's 3˚ here in NYC! Luca is on winter break so we've been going on little adventures throughout the city. Today we had plans to go downtown to Chinatown for dim sum but it's way too cold so we're staying in. I found these savory winter recipes online that would be great on a cold day like today and I've been craving Southern Chess pie like my Grandmother used to make.
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  • a southern new year


    yahoo news

    Happy New Year! We're down in Tennessee visiting my family. We're having friends over today and my mother is serving the traditional Southern New Year's Day menu of black eyed peas, hog's jowl, sauerkraut, turnip greens, deviled eggs and fried potatoes. Craig and I are contributing and making Bloody Marys. It is a long standing Southern tradition that eating this meal will bring you good luck in the new year. Personally, I may only have half good luck since I'm definitely not eating hog's jowl ;) 



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  • local and seasonal

    local food wheel
    union square farmer's market
    It was a busy day at The Union Square Farmer's Market. We go almost every Wednesday. It's such a great market and easy for us to get to. Our holiday market booth is actually situated right next to the farmer's market. We buy trout from Max's Hatchery, garlic from Keith's Farm and shishito peppers and Korean avocado squash from Lani's Farm. Speaking of Korean avocado squash, it's no longer in season which makes me want to cry. We slice it and bake with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. So good! It made me think of how people used to only eat seasonally and locally before our access to supermarkets and a global food market. I would love to try to eat locally and seasonally for one full year. I'll definitely do that one day but for now, I'm loving my daily avocado from California and Mexico. I found this local food wheel from the General Store and you can choose from four regions: San Francisco, Southern California, New York and the Upper Midwest. I also found this helpful guide on storing fresh produce. 
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