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cozy fireplaces

It is totally freezing here in New York. These fireplaces both faux and real look super cozy. The last image reminds me of my Grandparent's home in Tennessee. They lived in the country and had an old stove similar to this in the middle of their living room and I believe it had a kettle on top too.

a southern new year


yahoo news

Happy New Year! We're down in Tennessee visiting my family. We're having friends over today and my mother is serving the traditional Southern New Year's Day menu of black eyed peas, hog's jowl, sauerkraut, turnip greens, deviled eggs and fried potatoes. Craig and I are contributing and making Bloody Marys. It is a long standing Southern tradition that eating this meal will bring you good luck in the new year. Personally, I may only have half good luck since I'm definitely not eating hog's jowl ;) 



southern roots

earth cadets
If you've ever heard me talk, you probably figured out pretty quickly that I'm southern. When I'm feeling nostalgic about the south, I usually do one of two things; listen to bluegrass or play on repeat Taylor Swift's "Red" (the live version with Allison Krauss and Vince Gill) while making jewelry. My New York City born, country music loathing husband just loves this. I bought this cute t-shirt for my son Julian last month. It makes me proud y'all.