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The ladies

Aeon Video Couture Shop
I just watched this 13 minute video on Aeon about two bickering 90-something year old sisters who still run their small couture shop. I always wonder if I'll be tooling around my NYC apartment making jewelry in my 90s. If I am, I hope I'm lucky enough to have someone there to bicker with. They had me laughing out loud.

some cute looks

I love looking at street style pics from big cities like New York, Stockholm, Paris and LA. These looks are pretty casual and comfortable but cool at the same time; right up my ally.


hruskaa hanging planter
We have just opened a shop on Etsy. I love Etsy and I'm really happy to be selling there. You can find lots of artisans hand crafting their own goods. Here are several of my favorite things on Etsy including one of my pieces.

fall fashion

Looks like I need a big overcoat, some cool kicks and I'm all set for fall.