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  • summer in San Francisco

    Dolores Park San Francisco
    Mission Dolores Park
    Union Square San Francisco
    Farina Pizza
    Farina Pizza
    San Francisco Ferry Building
    View from il Cane Rosso at The Ferry Building
    San Francisco Ferry Building
    Luca at The Ferry Building in his new Giants jersey
    A night out with our favorite San Franciscans
    Luca Bean and friends in San Francisco
    Luca and his SF peeps. I see a band in the future.
    The Hotel Paradox Santa Cruz
    The Hotel Paradox, Santa Cruz, CA
    The Hotel Paradox Pool Santa Cruz
    The Hotel Paradox, Santa Cruz, CA
    Santa Cruz Boardwalk
    Santa Cruz Boardwalk
    San Francisco Union Square
    Julian in his new California Tee
    I managed to spill an entire Ommegang Hennepin on my computer keyboard so I'm just catching up on writing about our awesome summer. It started this past June in San Francisco. We go every summer for a couple of months but this year we were only there two weeks; so we tried to fit in Luca's favorite places in our favorite city that's become our home away from home.
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  • summer fun

    We're making jewelry, shipping orders and enjoying the lake at my family's home in Tennessee. I hope everyone's having a fun summer!
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  • made me laugh

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  • our tulum vacation

    la zebra cabanas
    hanging out together at Papaya Playa Project
    our beautiful, unbelievably kid friendly hotel, la zebra
    a friendly drone saying hello to Julian
    walking the streets of Tulum town
    our jungle view every gorgeous morning
    we made it to Hartwood. I stood in a very long line one day at 2:00 to get a 5:30 reservation that evening. Definitely well worth the wait. I had the grilled octopus and the ceviche. Awesome!
    one morning after breakfast we walked down the gorgeous white sand beach to visit, Coqui Coqui, a small boutique and perfumery in a gorgeous hotel. It was my favorite.
    my favorite people on the planet, waiting patiently at Coqui Coqui.
    Tulum is definitely one of the most gorgeous places I've been. The beach borders a lush jungle with small hotels, restaurants and shops lining a narrow seaside road. Even though Tulum seems to have hit its prime, it still has a small, bohemian vibe which we loved. We stayed beachside at La Zebra which was very kid friendly with a wood and rope beachside playground and in town at Villa Geminis condos
    Our favorite things were: tacos in town at Taqueria Honorio food truck, whole grilled snapper at Casa Banana, homemade pasta at Posada Margherita, grilled octopus at Hartwood, ceviche in town at El Camello and Coqui Coqui fragrance and boutique. It was such an awesome trip. The funniest thing, almost everyone we met was from New York City, specifically Williamsburg. 
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  • Tulum

    We are leaving for Tulum on Thursday for two weeks. I cannot wait! It's been a very long winter here in New York City. Tulum looks like a gorgeous, bohemian paradise. I read about the restaurant, Hartwood, on The Selby years ago and I've been dying to go ever since. Unfortunately it seems the whole world knows about it too. I'll report back whether Luca and Julian made it through the long line.
    fyi - The website will be taking orders while we're on vacation but we won't be shipping until we return on Monday, April 20th. I'll have a banner posted on each page as a reminder and at checkout.
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  • cuba anyone?

    Restrictions have been eased on travel to Cuba and a trip advisor article on Havana reads, "A city trapped in time, Havana captures the imagination like no other. Faded glamour meets careful colonial-era reconstruction with a backdrop of irresistible color. Walk El Malecón, the walkway bordering the ocean; visit Old Havana and the Catedral de San Cristóbal; and listen for salsa music, open-air bazaars and parties that last all night." Sign me up before McDonalds arrives.
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  • styling a home

    One of the easiest ways to make an apartment or a house feel like a home is to style areas with things you love by grouping them together in a nice way. I do this on bookshelves, in the kitchen, on top of our piano, on top of our fireplace, etc. We spend a month or more every summer working in San Francisco. We're lucky enough to have rented the same home for years but it's still not our home. I always find a few tiny things I love that I can take back to New York and I'll display them on a table or a shelf somewhere. It always makes it feel a little more like home.   
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  • a southern new year


    yahoo news

    Happy New Year! We're down in Tennessee visiting my family. We're having friends over today and my mother is serving the traditional Southern New Year's Day menu of black eyed peas, hog's jowl, sauerkraut, turnip greens, deviled eggs and fried potatoes. Craig and I are contributing and making Bloody Marys. It is a long standing Southern tradition that eating this meal will bring you good luck in the new year. Personally, I may only have half good luck since I'm definitely not eating hog's jowl ;) 



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  • upstate vacation rental

    table on ten
    I found this beautiful upstate NY rental in Bloomville, NY. We'll definitely be heading there in January. I cannot wait to try the farm to table restaurant. 
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  • claw foot tubs

    Every year we travel to San Francisco for a couple of months to sell our jewelry. For several years, we stayed in the same Victorian home next to Dolores Park. It had this beautiful, antique claw foot tub in the bathroom and it felt so luxurious taking baths there. I would love to have one some day. I found these beautiful images of claw foot tubs online.
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