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    The Carol Burnett Show

    The Carol Burnett Show

     I watched an awesome documentary series on PBS last night. The show was called Makers: Women in Comedy. It was one of a six-part series expanding on the critically acclaimed PBS documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America. It was refreshing to hear stories and thoughts by women who have pioneered in their fields. My favorite as a young girl was Carol Burnett. I was absolutely addicted to The Carol Burnett Show. I remember watching it every day after school then returning the next day to practice contorting my face for friends just like Carol. I had zero inhibitions at that age. The women highlighted in this series overcame any fears they may have felt and rose to the top of their male dominated fields. Very inspiring and if I had a daughter, I would definitely watch it with her. 

    MAKERS Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM ET on PBS.

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